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Ruth Dearing - Children and TechnologyHi, I’m Ruth Dearing, and I’m a #1 International Best-Selling Author,Book How to keep your children safe online public speaker, and most importantly a proud and busy mum who is passionate about helping parents guide their children safely through their digital world. Welcome to my site!

Having experienced first-hand what it’s like for technology to become addictive and raise a large barrier between you and your children, and having found effective ways to show my own children how they can gain the most benefit from technology without suffering from the pitfalls, I’m excited to show you how you can do the same.

Based on my own experiences and achievements, surveys about what parents are most concerned about, and subsequent in-depth studies on this topic, I’ve created a heap of education on this topic that I know you’ll find useful. I’ve developed a quick and easy way to keep up with technology (at least as far as your children’s use of it goes) as well as a more comprehensive online training program that helps parents to not only cope with the pitfalls of technology, but to emerge with much stronger personal connections with their children. You won’t find either of these solutions elsewhere.

The key to keeping your children safe online comes down to effective communication as well as practical education. I look forward to helping you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to deal with difficult situations as they arise 🙂 


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