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Thank you so much for purchasing your copy of “How To Help Your Kids Stay Safe Online … And Put An End To Internet Addiction


I hope you’re enjoying the read and that you’re gaining lots of benefit from it. If you have friends or family who you think may also benefit from this book feel free to share the relevant link with them so they can buy it online (dependent on what country they’re in):


United States – https://www.amazon.com
Australia – https://www.amazon.com.au
United Kingdom – https://www.amazon.co.uk


Here are the links referred to within the book to help you further along your way to keeping your children safe online.

Chapter 1 – Internet Addiction

Chapter 2 – Communication

Chapters 3 and 5 – Avoiding Mistakes, and Peer Pressure

Chapter 4 – The Worst Thing That Can Happen

Chapter 7 – Social Media

Chapter 9 – Next Steps



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