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Family Zone Parental Control Software Review


How Family Zone Works


  • Protects every device everywhere (not just at home)
  • Provides specialist advice from various cyber safety experts
  • Sends weekly usage reports and alerts for each child
  • Blocks porn and other adult content
  • Restricts access to social media, games and apps
  • Allows you to disable device features (eg camera) remotely
  • Helps you manage screen time – you choose when your child’s device can be used and when it sleeps
  • Limits app downloads and purchases
  • Restricts YouTube content



Key Benefits


  • Simple set up and easy to use
  • Comprehensive approach to online safety
  • Remains effective when your child is out and about
  • You can access and change the settings quickly and easily through their cloud-based portal, ie from any device anywhere providing you have internet access
  • You can set up different access for each child and for each day
  • Saves you time as you’re only alerted to your child’s activities if there’s an issue or to manage your account
  • Your child maintains their privacy unless an issue arises
  • Be alerted if/when your child installs a new app





Not all social media sites are covered by this app but it does cover the most popular ones (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Kik) and will no doubt cover more apps over time. However you can add any app or website that isn’t currently listed in order to block or allow access to that platform.

Family Zone seem to have thought of everything. If your child tries to delete this app they’ll be disconnected from the internet and you’ll be immediately alerted.

You’ll need to put some thought into how you’ll administer this app with your children so that they’re supportive of it. Depending on the settings you choose this app can be quite restricting. If your child believes you’re controlling them more than necessary this may negatively affect your relationship with them.





  • Different packages available for 3 children with a free trial period of one month
  • Basic access $5.95 upfront and then $5.95 per month after 3 months
  • Additional access to Home Zone Box (protects unlimited devices at home) costs $89 upfront with a 60 day money back guarantee. After 3 months you’ll pay $5.95 per month

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