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Cyber safety is a huge topic. It emcompasses numerous risks that are encountered online, from inappropriate content to internet addiction to sexting, predators and cyber bullying and more.

When people ask me what I do, my response is “I help parents keep their children safe online.” The usual response is something like, “Wow that sounds interesting, how do you do that?

I explain that in order to have any hope of keeping our children safe online it basically comes down to two things:

1) improving the way we communicate with our children, and

2) educating ourselves.

So I offer parents help with both of these aspects and give them an easy way to learn everything they need to know to keep their children safe online in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take them to figure it out for themselves.


What’s The Problem?


But here’s the thing. Most parents know a bit about how they can keep their children safe online. They’ve told their children not to talk with strangers online. They know that computers and other electronic devices should be kept out of bedrooms. Many of them have simple parental controls set up.

The problem is that they think that’s enough to do the trick. And that’s where the danger lies.

Learning about online safety is like taking a university degree. Having researched online safety for years now, I can tell you that just like most other topics, the more you know, you more you realise there is to know. And the more you realise how important it is to learn the rest! The challenge is getting that message through to the parents who need it the most.


How Much Is There To Know About Cyber Safety?


Some cyber safety experts think you have to stay one step ahead of your children in terms of the apps they’re using, the games they’re playing and the types of conversations they’re having online. In the current world we live in I don’t think this is possible – but if you’ve found a way please let me know and I’ll happily stand corrected!

In my view trying to know more about the latest apps and games than your children do is setting yourself an unrealistic goal that you’ll never achieve. It will only make you feel like a failure (that you’re not, by the way) when you realise your children will always be a step ahead in this regard.

I believe this is also a short-sighted view. Cyber safety has to be viewed as a whole picture, not by getting caught up in the details. You may otherwise get on top of one aspect of cyber safety only to be blind-sided by the next issue that seems to come out of nowhere.


Cyber Safety Is A Puzzle


Imagine cyber safety as a hundred piece puzzle. In order for you to guide your children so they can be happy and safe online, without being caught off-guard, you’ll need to put each piece of the puzzle where it belongs. Putting in twenty pieces and then thinking that’s enough is leaving your children in a very vulnerable position where they can be attacked from several different angles.

The scary part is that those kinds of attacks (predators, cyber bullying, sexting, porn addiction etc) have ruined many children’s lives and will continue to do so unless more of an effort is made to complete the whole puzzle.


Keeping children safe online


When I talk with parents I always show them the image above to explain what I mean. Most parents know about one sixth of what they need to know to keep their children safe online. They also know that there’s a heap more knowledge that they don’t know and probably should find out about, the next two sixths.

But then there’s the whole other side of the story – just as much information again that they don’t know they don’t know. And this is why so many children are getting themselves into so much trouble as a result of their online activities.


How Can You Complete The Puzzle?


Years of research has resulted in the creation of an invaluable online course which shows you step by step how to put each piece of the puzzle where it belongs. It’s called the Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution.



The Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution provides peace of mind that your children can guide themselves happily and safely online. They’re still likely to see content you don’t want them to see, and they’re still likely to be approached by strangers online. And the chances of them not being exposed in any way to cyber bullying are slim.

As such, the Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution is designed to help your children be resilient to the risks of being online, so that they can enjoy the benefits technology brings without suffering from the pitfalls.

The Solution includes the most relevant and helpful information gathered by experts around the world in all areas of online safety, from effectively monitoring online activity, blocking inappropriate content, managing screen time, avoiding predators, porn-proofing, setting up a postive digital footprint using social media and more.


Where To Go For More Information


If you’d like to find out more about why this is so important for the well-being of your children and consequently your family, and to determine whether this is the answer for you to keep them safe online, the best way is to join me on my next live webinar. If you can’t make it on the day don’t worry, just register anyway and you can watch it as a video replay. You’ll need to put aside a little over an hour of your time to attend, and you’ll find the investment of time will be well worth it – what could be more important than the safety and well-being of your children?

If you have any specific questions you’d like some help with on this topic feel free to contact me here for a chat.

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