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Kids Won't Look Up From Their Devices? This Will Help!
More insights to help you keep your kids safe, balanced and happy online at http://childrenandtechnology.com Do you have kids who just stare at their devices for hours on end? No matter what...
Dangerous YouTube Challenges
For more help to keep your kids safe online head on over to http://childrenandtechnology.com and register for my next live webinar there. Lots of kids on YouTube create videos of themselves...
Start With The End In Mind
When it comes to the way our children use the internet, most are simply having fun, chatting with friends and watching videos in YouTube. In this short video you'll see why it's so beneficial...
How To Keep Your Children Safe Online
If you want to know how to keep your children safe online, this is the video to watch! More at http://childrenandtechnology.com In this video you'll gain a much higher level of awareness as...
How To Choose The RIght Parental Control Software
Choosing the right parental control software just became a whole lot quicker and easier for you: http://childrenandtechnology.com/resources There's preparation that needs to happen BEFORE...
Key Tip To Keep Your Child Safe Online
In this short video I share what's probably THE most important tip to help you keep your child safe online and prevent them from becoming a statistic - more info at http://childrenandtechnology.com...
Reduce Stress By Spring Cleaning Online
Just like physical spring cleaning, spring cleaning online is a great way to reduce stress for kids and adults alike. Find out how you can do this in the video and visit http://childrenandtechnolog...
What You Can Offer Your Tech-Savvy Children - by Ruth Dearing
This video is designed to EMPOWER you to keep your tech-savvy children safe online. Watch the video to realise how you have what it takes, and learn how you can handle that overwhelming feeling...
Have Your Privacy Settings Changed?
You may have heard that it's a good idea to use the highest possible privacy settings for all the sites and apps you use online. But did you know that your privacy settings can change without...
This Statistic On Identity Theft Will Shock You!
Like so much when it comes to keeping our children and ourselves safe online, the more you find out, the more you realise there is to find out. And the more you realise how important it is...
What makes a password safe? - By Ruth Dearing
This little-known tip to help you create safer passwords is invaluable! More great Peaceful Digital Parenting tips are available at http://childrenandtechnology.com.
Two Little Words To Keep Your Children Safe - by Ruth Dearing
Most of us are aware that we should only accept friend requests online from people we know in real life. But telling your children this alone may not be enough to keep them safe. Find out...


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