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Have Your Privacy Settings Changed?
You may have heard that it's a good idea to use the highest possible privacy settings for all the sites and apps you use online. But did you know that your privacy ...
This Statistic On Identity Theft Will Shock You!
Like so much when it comes to keeping our children and ourselves safe online, the more you find out, the more you realise there is to find out. And the more you ...
What makes a password safe? - By Ruth Dearing
This little-known tip to help you create safer passwords is invaluable! More great Peaceful Digital Parenting tips are available at ...
Two Little Words To Keep Your Children Safe - by Ruth Dearing
Most of us are aware that we should only accept friend requests online from people we know in real life. But telling your children this alone may not be enough to ...
The Golden Rule Online
This short video reveals a simple yet powerful message we can all benefit from. Please feel free to "like", share and subscribe. More Peaceful Digital Parenting ...
Main Cause Of Cyber Bullying
More tips are available at http://childrenandtechnology.com Cyber bullying is rampant in schools all over the world, and I believe the reason it's so difficult to ...
A Present Parent Is The Best Present - Ruth Dearing
There are plenty of things your child wants - the latest and greatest technology, gadgets and games are part of this. But what they want most of all is a present ...
Connect Before You Correct - Peaceful Digital Parenting tip from Ruth Dearing
For more useful tips like this one visit childrenandtechnology.com and register for my next free Peaceful Digital Parenting online webinar It's so easy for us as ...
In this digital parenting age, are your children orphans, exiles or heirs? - By Ruth Dearing
Digital parenting, or ideally peaceful digital parenting, is a key challenge for many of us as parents in the digital age. We can choose to raise our parents as ...
The Secret To Peaceful Digital Parenting - By Ruth Dearing
For more help on this topic visit http://childrenandtechnology.com Did you know that there are three different styles of digital parenting? Do you know what your ...
Sharing Passwords - Do Your Children Do This?
For more quick tips like this one visit http://childrenandtechnology.com/blog Sharing user names and passwords may not be a big deal, particularly when your ...
How To Keep Your Children Safe Online
Gain access to the Peaceful Digital Parenting Solution here: https://www.peacefuldigitalparenting.com/payment While there are many obvious benefits to ...


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