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Net Nanny Review

How Net Nanny Works


  • Filters various different types of online content (pornography, violence etc) – you choose whether to block, warn or allow access
  • Manages the time allowed to spend online – choose the maximum quantity of hours allowed per day as well as the specific times of day
  • Sends alerts in real time about what your child is doing, eg if they attempt to view an inappropriate site or if they’re contacted by a stranger
  • Provides reports on activity each week, ie domains and categories of web pages blocked
  • Ability to create customised lists of websites to always block or always allow


Key Benefits


  • Having the choice of whether to block, warn or allow content makes this app flexible and suitable as your children grow up, ie the older and more mature they become, the more content you may wish to allow to build their resilience
  • Able to be administered remotely
  • You can customise settings for each child, and unlimited user profiles are allowed for each device
  • Real time alerts allow you to open up conversations and address any issues on the spot
  • Blocks inappropriate content, not sites, so allows access to sites that are mostly good quality and only hides the unsavoury bits
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Difficult for kids to work around – which is why your children won’t like this app unless you implement it correctly with the right conversations





The standard Net Nanny product does not monitor social media platforms other than Facebook. In order to monitor other platforms they offer a tool called Net Nanny Social, however Net Nanny Social is also limited in the platforms it covers. Currently Net Nanny Social supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.




  • Single device cost is $39.99 per PC or Mac
  • $12 per device for 5 devices, total cost $59.99 (20% saving)
  • $9 per device for 10 devices, total cost $89.99 (25% saving)

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