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How To Whitelist Emails

It’s a fact of life that there are a lot of people sending out a lot of emails these days, and our inboxes get filled up so quickly, for many of us it’s difficult to keep up!  While some of those emails are very helpful, entertaining and informative, unfortunately others are filled with useless information considered “spam”.

In an attempt to help relieve us from this spam, the various internet service providers (ISP’s) select some emails for our primary inbox where we’ll see them straight away, and direct others to our junk or promotional folders where we may not see them at all.

It’s possible to ensure that all emails from a reliable source are directed to your inbox where you’ll see them every time.  This is called “whitelisting”, and thankfully it’s quite simple to do.  We encourage you to whitelist emails from us to ensure you receive all of our helpful and insightful peaceful digital parenting tips.

Depending on what email service you use there are different ways to do this.  The most common are illustrated below.

Whitelist Instructions For Gmail:

Gmail Whitelist

Locate your email from us (admin@childrenandtechnology.com) and drag it to the primary tab of your inbox.  This should send all future emails straight to your primary tab.

Whitelist Instructions For Mac Mail:

Step 1: From the top menu in your emails, select “Mail” and then “Preferences”

Whitelist email on Mac

Step 2: Within “Preferences”, click on the “Rules” button at the top far right, and then “Add Rule”

Mac email whitelist step 2

Step 3: Complete the “Rules” window as per the image below, selecting these options in the drop-down menus.  Type in our email “admin@childrenandtechnology.com” in the text box to the right of “contains”.

Mac whitelist email step 3

Whitelist Instructions For Outlook:

Right click on your message as it appears in your inbox, select Junk E-mail from the drop-down menu, and click on “Add Sender to Safe Sender’s List”.

Outlook whitelist instructions

Whitelist Instructions For Yahoo:

When you open our email message, click on the “+” symbol next to our name (the “from” email).  When the “Add to Contacts” pop-up appears, click on “Save”

Yahoo Whitelist Instructions

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